About Sarah Okuyama, Innkeeper

Sarah has lived in Ann Arbor since 1985, and was a resident of the Burns Park neighborhood for seventeen years before moving to the Old West Side. She has also lived in Sante Fe, and has spent time living in Japan. She has two grown daughters (one in California and one in Michigan).

Sarah loves color and has a great collection of found objects. The house is decorated with exuberant color and unusual antiques.

Burnt Toast Inn organic coffee is locally-roasted and freshly-brewed every morning at the Inn. Also available for purchase by the pound bag for $12.00


Our Dogs (R.I.P)

The Burnt Toast Inn had two resident dogs: Buddy Love (200 lb. Saint Bernard) and Bojangles, who went by “Bo” (100 lb. South African Mastif). Both passed away in 2014. R.I.P.